Lectures 2023-24

The Benyamini Center lecture and demo series will open in November and will include 7 meetings with local and international artists and researchers in
the field of ceramics. The series will include zoom lectures as well as live demonstrations at the Benyamini Center with makers from different personal and professional
backgrounds. The artists will focus on their works and the complex relationship between the maker and the creation, discussing and
demonstrating their unique processes. The lectures will cover technological issues such as sourcing local materials, the difference between materials and finding a suitable material for the
function, ways to reduce waste, recycling as well as theoretical lectures focusing on craft as a means for social and cultural change as well as ceramics as a tool for criticism.

: Tamara Anne Efrat, Maiyan Ben Yona, Eti Goren, Boris Katz, Ofir Naor, Jacaranda Kori, Evgenia Kirshtein, Lior Shahar, Judith Shwartz, Yuliya Makliuk, Ayumi Horie

Zoom lectures of about an hour each meeting will begin 12/11/23
The two demos will take place at the Benyamini Center and will be about two and a half hours long.

*40 NIS per meeting / 30 NIS for Benyamini students- advance registration required / *Registration will close at 19:00 on the day of the lecture.

*You can purchase a package of 7 lectures for only 210 NIS . If you purchase the whole package, you will also have access to the recorded lecture (via Gmail account). If you missed a lecture, please contact us by email.

Go to payment / For further details: [email protected] or 03-5182257

*The lectures are suitable for the general public

*Changes in the events may occur during the year

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