‏Gallery Educational Program

Guided tours of the gallery including hands on experience for children and teenagers

The Benyamini Center promotes contemporary ceramic art and design. The center is situated in the heart of the art district of Tel Aviv – Kiryat Hamelacha. The program is geared for children from schools or informal education facilities and includes guided tours of the changing exhibitions in the gallery covering issues such as ceramic art, design, craft and material culture.

The tour will raise issues concerning the ceramic medium, materiality as part of our culture as well as tradition and innovation (about 40 minutes).

The workshop will include a hands- on experience with clay in reference to the exhibition on show. The workshop is led by graduates of ceramic design degrees (about 40 minutes)

*The visit can be extended to include a visit to other galleries in Kiryat Hamelacha and a tour of the graffiti in the area.

For details: 03-5182257 or benyaminiccc@gmail.com

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