Building a Digital Archives on Ceramics

The Benyamini Center has initiated a project to establish an archive of Israeli Ceramics.

The archive will be a body of knowledge available to the public through the Benyamini Center website and library catalogue.  The archive will include images of work, exhibitions and texts.  Once we have collected and catalogued the information it will be possible to research this media and identify trends in Israeli ceramics.  We hope that through this we will encourage academic and critical writing and promote ceramics as an important facet of Israeli visual culture.

We invite practicing artists to submit information on their work (according to the attached form) and call on all persons who have access to historical material, documentation of works of artists who were active in Israel, to share this important information with us.


  1. Ceramics should be the main occupation of the artist
  2. Graduate of an accredited ceramic art academy or a practicing artist who has participated in at least one solo exhibition in a recognized gallery or museum

*The curator can invite ceramic artists who do not meet these requirements

Ceramic artists, potters and designers who are interested to be included in the data base should send by email the following:

  1. Up to 20 good quality images of their work (jpg no bigger than 0.5mb per picture)
  2. A CV of no more than 500 words as a word document
  3. Artist statement including the concept, work methods, technology etc (up to 500 words as a word document)
  4. Links to videos, articles, websites etc.

All materials should be sent to

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