The Library carries close to 1200 books on all aspects of the ceramic arts: Studio ceramics, Design, Pottery, How-to, History of ceramics, Israeli ceramics, Textbooks etc.. They represent most of the ceramics  books available today worldwide. The Library also carries all the important international ceramic magazines and has a growing archive of “Israeli Ceramics” from its inception till today.  The Library is constantly updated with the newest releases. It is accompanied with an updated database which can be viewed on the Benyamini internet site (it lists the Categories and Keywords for easy search). The aim of the Library is to familiarize professionals in the field, students, and the public at large with the ceramic field in all its richness, and be a well-equipped research center, as well as a learning source for the Benyamini Ceramic Art School. The material of the Library is free to be used on the premises only, during opening hours of the center.

An important comment:

‏The library was established and continues to grow without funding from outside and is based on donations. It is our aspiration to have a broad, rich and up to date library. We have noticed that several of the books have been removed from the library, a fact that is extremely frustrating for the Benyamini team. We ask that all users and visitors to the library respect our efforts to have our library available for the convenience and enjoyment of everyone and use the books in the center only. ‏We have available a scanner that can be used to copy any material of interest. ‏Thank you for your cooperation.

Please follow our updates with information about new acquisitions. 

Regards, Ester Beck the director of our library

The Library is arranged in the following categories (on the shelves as well as in the Database): 

Textbooks (Yellow) / Collections (Red) / How-To (Green) / Specific Artists (Blue) / History (Grey) / Craft (White) / Art ( Red+White) /  Israeli Ceramics: (Brown) 

DVD/CDs + Magazines: Ceramics Art and Perception (American) Ceramics Technical (American) Ceramic Review (British) Studio Potter (American) New Ceramics (European/German) Ceramics Monthly (American) Crafts (British) Revue de la Ceramique et du Verre (French) + Archive of Israeli Ceramics (catalogs, books, movies etc.). 

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