First Studio Scholarship


The aim of the Benyamini Center First Studio scholarship is to encourage and support young artists. This prize is awarded to graduate of a ceramic department art school that shows a desire to continue working in the field and is interested in experiencing the intricacies of running an independent ceramic studio. The First Studio is a life bridge between art school and the real world, facilitating artistic expression and at the same time exposing the young artist to the many aspects necessary to survive as an artist.

First Studio at the Benyamini Center

The Benyamini Center provides a fully equipped ceramic studio with a private work area. In exchange, First Studio artists are expected to contribute in running the general studio space.

Ceramic Art Program Graduates

This program not only encourages ceramic art program graduates to persevere in their chosen field but it also enables them to create ties with established artists and be involved with the activities for ceramic artists. We believe that by creating bonds with the future generation of ceramic artists we ensure the continuation of a strong and meaningful ceramic art platform that will work towards the promotion of their field.

The winners of the First Studio scholarship for 2020-21:

First Studio Artists:


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