About Benyamini center

The Issachar and Yehudit Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center promotes ceramic art and design in a vibrant atmosphere of creativity for professional artists as well as the general public. Through the on-going activities we wish to create a dialogue between the various aspects of ceramics and extend its scope in the broad spectrum of material culture.

The Center is committed to fostering ceramic art and design on all levels including a School for Ceramic Art with a comprehensive program of  workshops, lectures and master classes geared towards professional ceramic artists, amateurs, who are at the beginning of their interest in clay, as well as the general public; galleries with changing exhibitions, talks and guided visits; an extensive professional reference library open to the public; a First Studio residency program for young graduates as well as an international residency program with the aim of developing international ties with the ceramic community abroad.

The Benyamini center is located in Kiryat Hamelacha in south Tel Aviv in an area that has become the hub of contemporary art in the city with many galleries and artist studios in the area.  It is a public non-profit organization founded in 2001 by the trustees Ilan Meyer, Marcelle Klein, Shlomit Bauman as set out in the will of Yehudit Benyamini and expresses Yehudit and Issachar’s love of ceramic art as it was in their home; a place of work and creativity, a meeting place of young and old, a place of cultural debate that endorses interdisciplinary dialogue and a place which nurtures learning and contribution to the community.

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