12/4/24, Friday 10:00 Demo at the Benyamini with Jacaranda Kori and Evgenia Kirshtein

Creating a narrative in form and decoration

Participants: Jacaranda Kori, Evgenia Kirshtein

Jacaranda Kori – Ceramic artist and lecturer, holds a master’s degree in philosophy and art from the interdisciplinary program at Tel Aviv university and a graduate of the Ceramics and Glass department at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, lives and works in Tel Aviv.
Kori creates functional and sculptural works that are in dialogue with traditional ceramics and relate to the archetypal forms such as vases and bowls with a unique contemporary approach.  Kori makes mostly large colorful objects.  In the last few years, she has created site specific installations made up of many colorful ceramic elements inspired by pre-Colombian pottery, Gaudi, and others.  She is also interested in global warming, ecology and pollution and her latest works are infused with her concern.
She will demonstrate making a large wheel thrown pot, surface treatment and talk about her work and the issues that concern her practice.

Evgenia Kirshtein – ceramic artist, painter and illustrator, graduate of the Ceramic and Glass department, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, lives and works in Jerusalem.  Kirshtein makes ceramic vases and draws on them as a three-dimensional canvas with paintings that relate to social, cultural, and political issues.  She states that the process begins with making a ceramic form defining the shape, size, and texture without knowing the content of the story that it will tell. Her vases examine the complexities of life, expose uncomfortable truths, and invite the viewer to consider social issues that have been ignored through her humorous and sensitive drawings.  In the meeting she will show several works and demonstrate her approach to building a clay form and how she applies the colorful, contemporary story.

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