Issachar and Yehudit Benyamini

Issachar and Yehudit Benyamini lived a modest and unassuming life. They were involved in the very beginning of the establishment of the State of Israel. Issachar (1917 – 1990) worked in building and Yehudit (1928 – 1999) was a nurse. After a work injury, Issachar decided to dedicate his life to working with clay. The ceramics studio was a large part of the Benyamini home in Afeka, Tel Aviv. After work at the Zamenhoff clinic, Yehudit would join Issachar in the studio where they would work side by side.

The Benyaminis collaborated and shared their aesthetic spirit and talents, also teaching ceramics in the studio. They believed that the way one performs the least important task is a reflection of oneself. This is a legacy we will preserve and promote at the Benyamini Center.

The atmosphere of culture, creativity and labour in their home, their determination and commitment to their work and their students, created not only a place to study art and ceramics, but a place to learn about life. The Benyamini home and studio was always open to the community.

In 1990 Issachar and Yehudit traveled to Egypt, to visits the ancient monuments. Their bus was attacked by terrorists, killing 9 of the passengers, Issachar was one of them. Nine years later Yehudit passed away.

It was Yehudit’s will that their home and studio be used to establish an art center. Their generous contribution has facilitated the purchase of this property and its establishment as a ceramic center.

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