Experience clay

The Benyamini Center offers a gift voucher – a unique present for a birthday, family occasion or work team outing – a chance to experience working with clay either wheel-throwing or sculpting in clay.

  1. Wheel throwing
    experience an ancient technique using soft and sensuous clay. The activity will include a demo on how to make a ceramic vessel including wedging, centering and building a pot. Following this each participant will be guided and have a hands-on attempt at creating a wheel-thrown pot. Participants: 1 – 10

  2. Sculpting and hand-building with clay
    Clay has the amazing ability to copy a surface – a quality that makes it a wonderful material for construction and sculpture. The activity will include a general explanation and demo of the various hand-building techniques such as pinching, coiling and slab construction. Following this each participant will be guided to make a unique object of self expression. Participants: 1 – 20

  • The topic and number of participants is flexible and will be tailored to suit the individual or group

  • The workshop is suitable for adults, youth and children and for different events

  • A guided tour of the exhibition in the gallery is included

  • We are open on the weekend as well
  • For further details and price quote send an email to [email protected] or call 03-5182257

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