International Residency Programs

International Residency Programs offer our community a wide exposure to international talents, broaden our horizons to the various possibilities our medium has to offer and facilitate international discourse. They are a powerful educational tool offering a platform for sharing, exploring, collaborating, generating discussion on material culture of the region and enabling new insights and perspectives into contemporary life and art in Israel. Moreover, it expands and broadens the artistic spectrum, further contributes to personal, professional and communal growth, to the enrichment of the creative process and to the fostering of artistic and cultural exchange.

Our residency program offers artists and designers the space and time to create experiment and explore new territories – personal and geographical:

o   Develop specific ceramic projects

o   Explore a new line or direction of work

o   Exchange knowledge and research of materials, techniques and ideas

o   Experience creating in culturally diverse and politically challenging circumstances

o   Work within a vibrant and dynamic arts community

o   Foster creative and cultural exchange

o   Enhance artistic development, professional experience, dialogue and   network

Through our residency program we aim to enrich the professional experience for both visiting artists and our community.

We offer studio space, equipment, materials and an active ceramics community for sharing and support. Our international programs run for a period of 2 and 4 weeks during the summer months preferably August – October but dates are open for discussion depending on the nature of the project suggested.

The residency program is offered to established, practicing artists with preference to those who have teaching experience since our program may include one of the following:

Master Classes:  Offered to the professional community as well as open studio days for the general public and professional artists to watch and experience learning through observation.

Hands-On Workshops: The guest artist will be invited to work with a group of artists to further explore the creative process, focusing on unique techniques, ideas and philosophies.

Lectures, image presentations and gallery talks: Geared to broaden the scope of the ceramic experience, the resident artist will share his/her ideas, personal   working techniques, sources of inspiration and achievements, with colleagues, the general public and students.

For further information and application details please contact:

Yael Novak or Benyamini Center

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