5 years of exhibitions book

“Material as a language – language as material”

The book can be purchased at the Benyamini Center for 90 shekels (instead of 120 shekels)

The book is published by the Benyamini Center, with the support of Mifal Hapais. (in Hebrew)

Editor of the book: Shlomit Bauman, Head Curator of the Gallery

Book design: Studio Keren and Golan


The book covers 5 years of exhibitions in the gallery as a starting point but also includes texts written specially for the book and broadens the questions raised by the activities in the gallery relating to material culture in Israel and the history of ceramics.   In addition, the book includes two articles that refer to the location of the Gallery in south Tel Aviv on the edge of Kiryat Hamelacha and focuses on the tension between industry, economics, manual labour and craft.


Book Launch : Friday 6 January 2017 at 12:00


12:00 Opening Remarks – Marcelle Klein, Director

12:10 Shlomit Bauman – Editor and Curator of the Benyamini Gallery

12:20 Dr David Goss – Artist and Art and Design Researcher: Thoughts On Liminoid Design

12:40 Ravid Rovner – Lecturer on  History and Theory HIT: The Truth of Materials

13:00 Ronen Yamin – Ceramic Artist and lecturer: A Potters Monologue



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