Ray Chen / September 2019

Masterclass: Wednesday 25.9.19 at 18:30.  Chen will talk about his works

Advance Registration, entrance: 30 Shekel

Ray Chen will be our artist-in-residence for the month of September as part of 2019 NCECA International Residency Partner Program.

RAY is the recipient of NCECA’s International Residency grant for 2019. Partnering with NCECA for this unique residency program offers the Benyamini Center a wide international exposure and an opportunity to engage in international professional, cultural and creative exchange. We are honored and thankful to NCECA for collaborating with us again.

Ray Chen is an artist, sculptor and lecturer born in Taiwan. He studied ceramic sculpture and music before moving to the U.S.A. He continued his studies in the United States where he currently resides, teaches and creates. His ceramic works have been exhibited both nationally and internationally with numerous reviews and publications. He has been invited to participate in many exhibitions and traveled the globe lecturing and participating in several workshops, master classes and symposia. He is a member of the IAC – International Academy of Ceramics.

The artist’s relationship with his mother has been the subject matter for his artistic exploration for several years resulting in a conceptual abstract body of work entitled ‘Mother and Child’.

“Mother and Child is a connection over space and distance with my mother. It is a measurement in feelings through my own personal experience, presenting movement, energy, love, relation, honesty, and integrity. The composition of gestural abstract forms is effected strongly by the spaces between forms. The energy comes from the point where the pieces touch. Also, I believe the content of my sculpture to be an emotional connection between form and materials. My work is my language of communication that crosses the boundaries of culture…Mother and Child is from tradition to contemporary, from realistic emotional expression to abstract presentation, from East to West. Abstract forms based on value and an aesthetic expression of feelings toward my mother. I value form, space and line between internal and external–one cannot exist without the other.”

Ray continuously explores the nuances of different clay bodies and textures as well as the study of form, space and line …. “It has become my outer language to embody my inner feelings…” repetitively continuing the bond of mother and child in new ways.  


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