First Studio


The aim of the Benyamini Center First Studio program is to encourage and support young artists. This prize is awarded to an excellent graduate of a ceramic department art school that shows a desire to continue working in the field and is interested in experiencing the intricacies of running an independent ceramic studio. The First Studio is a life bridge between art school and the real world, facilitating artistic expression and at the same time exposing the young artist to the many aspects necessary to survive as an artist.

First Studio at the Benyamini Center

The Benyamini Center provides a fully equipped ceramic studio with a private work area. In exchange, First Studio artists are expected to contribute in running the general studio space.

Ceramic Art Program Graduates

This program not only encourages ceramic art program graduates to persevere in their chosen field but it also enables them to create ties with established artists and be involved with the activities for ceramic artists. We believe that by creating bonds with the future generation of ceramic artists we ensure the continuation of a strong and meaningful ceramic art platform that will work towards the promotion of their field.

The winners of the First Studio scholarship for 2018-19:

The new resident artists will be taking over in the coming weeks. We welcome them to the Benyamini Center and wish them a productive and enjoyable year.

First Studio Artists:


// 2019: Ester Peretz

Eti is a graduate of Bezalel Ceramic and Glass Art and Design Department

// 2019: Alon Yung

Alon is a graduate of Bezalel Ceramic and Glass Art and Design Department 2017.

// 2019: Doron Naama Gelfer

Doron is a graduate of Shenkar Industrial Design faculty

// 2018: Sivan Scheffner

hen working in clay there are uncountable intermediate stages that culminate in the final product

// 2018: Eliya Levi

I research materials and am amazed at the endless possibilities that one can imagine as three dimensional objects in space

// 2018: Avi Ben Shoshan

Avi designed four objects for eating based on body movements that are intuitive to eating: licking fingers at the end of a meal

// 2017: Shay Gerassy

Shay uses her wheel throwing skills to develop conceptual works as well as combining clay with other materials

// 2017: Nadav Rauchwerger

Nadav is interested in designing and making work that is borderline functional and by so doing blurring the boundary between art and design

// 2017: Maiyan Ben Yona

During her studies Maiyan focused on wheel throwing and ceramic technology looking to expand these fields of interest.

// 2016: ‏Gur Inbar

My love for clay I acquired before I began studying at Bezalel, but there is no doubt that my love for this material has flourished since I began my studies four years ago.

// 2016: ‏Gabi Perez

‏My passion is for clay sculpture and I am drawn to the figurative –dealing mainly with my inner world. After

// 2016: ‏Ofir Naor

Ever since I know myself I have been involved in being creative.

// 2015: Ahia Canna

I would like to work in my inner space and arrive at the essence of humanity, honesty, refinement and intimacy

// 2015: Roy Yahalomi

The objects I design begin as research of material, form, sound or technology.

// 2014: Dima Gurevich

Dima investigates the emotional connection to everyday objects that every person has in their day to day environment.

// 2014: Naama Rosenfeld

Naama Rosenfeld focuses on visual memories, moments or landscapes that leave their mark as layers in her spirit.

// 2014: Sara Kaminker

Sara Kaminker deals with the internal emotions that we experience and cannot express.

// 2013: Efrat Keren

Efrat Keren is a 2013 First Studio Project winner

// 2103: Gal Goren

Gal Goren is a 2013 First Studio Project winner

// 2012: Yulia Tsuckerman

Yulia Tsuckerman is a 2013 First Studio Project winner

// 2012: Michal Farago

Michal Farago is a 2012 First Studio Project winner

// 2007: Ayelet Gavriel

Ayelet Gavriel is a 2007 First Studio Project winner

// 2006: Guy Jana

Guy Jana is a 2006 First Studio Project winner

// 2005: Kesem Yahav

Kesem Yahav is a 2005 First Studio Project winner

// 2004: Lena Dubinsky

Lena Dubinsky is a 2004 First Studio Project winner

// 2004: Yael Mor-Gruner

After completing 4 years of intensive studies at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, I was given the opportunity by the Benyamini Center

// 2003: Cohavit Ben Ezra Goldenberg

Cohavit Ben Ezra Goldenbergis a 2003 First Studio Project winner