Masterclasses, Workshops and Monthly Meetings

Our schedule of workshops offers artists and designers as well as beginners an opportunity to focus on theory as well as particular aspects of clays . These classes will broaden the knowledge of the participants and give them a chance to experiment with special techniques, materials and work processes.

The upcoming workshops are marked in red:

// Basic Hand building in Porcelain

Participants will learn its characteristics through demos and practical experience of porcelain hand building techniques: pinching, coiling and slabs

// Ceramic Lighting Design

Course covers various techniques and materials that can be used for functional, decorative and sculptural lighting, including theoretical and practical issues

// Ceramic Printing

In this course we learn different printing techniques and adapting these techniques to clay work, printing on tissue paper and transfer to clay

// Italian Majolica | Boris Katz

Practical experience using the Mediterranean technique of Italian Majolica

// Masterclass – Decals | Lusters and Raku

An introduction to a broad range of decorating and glazing techniques – layering for different temperatures and firings

// Masterclass – Nerikome

This technique uses slabs of different color clays that are layered and then cut to create 2D and 3D objects by hand or on the wheel.

// Masterclass | Spontaneous textures in plaster | Elina Toperman Eitan

The workshop will focus on making random textured surfaces to build sculptural and functional forms

// Smoke firings | Terra Sigillata

The workshop will focus on the histoy of terra sigillata and its practical use in contemporary making

// Paperclay – fibre clay workshop

We will survey artists using this material, learn the qualities of the paper fiber and how we can utilize this to our benefit. Each participant will prepare a plaster slab and paper pulp

// Smoke Firing – Introduction

One meeting to experience smoke firing. The class will include a lecture of different smoke firing techniques – saggar, raku, naked raku and stack firing.

// Raku and Smoke Firing – Advanced

Participants will slip and glaze work that they bring and then fire them in the raku kiln

// Ceramic design – plaster mould workshop

Learn industrial work process including making a model and building a mould, casting in clay and altering the form

// Extruder, vessels and clay structures

The course offers an introduction to work practices and possibilities using an extruder including techniques such as weaving, basketry and building clay structures

// Marketing on Etsy Workshop | Galit Barak

Etsy is an online platform for makers to sell their work on the local or international market. A three hour workshop for designer and artists interested in opening an Etsy shop