Masterclasses, Workshops and Monthly Meetings

Our schedule of workshops offers artists and designers as well as beginners an opportunity to focus on theory as well as practical aspects of clay. These classes will broaden the knowledge of the participants and give them a chance to experiment with special techniques, materials and work processes. The dates and times will be advertised in September.

// ‏Advanced Wheel Throwing | Greece is Here | Hector Mavridis

The workshop will provide students with 'tips’ for potters: techniques and new methods to take throwing skills to the next level

// African Coil Building | Roy Maayan

In the workshop we will learn traditional work methods

// Basic Hand building in Porcelain

In the workshop we will experience the unique qualities of porcelain

// Ceramic Lighting Design

Course covers various techniques and materials that can be used for functional, decorative and sculptural lighting, including theoretical and practical issues

// Ceramic Material and Jewelry

Students will make jewelry using different techniques

// Ceramic Printing

In this course we learn different printing techniques and adapting these techniques to clay work, printing on tissue paper and transfer to clay

// Ceramic workshop for children

Ceramic workshop for children, wheel throwing and hand building

// ‏Drawing and Sculpture | Facial features | Noa Shay

The workshop will focus on drawing and sculpting from a model beginning with quick sketches in preparation for more extensive projects

// Intermediate plaster mold making

In the workshop we will prepare molds from many items and experiment making a 3D object

// Intermediate wheel throwing | Introduction to porcelain

The workshop will focus on the language of wheel throwing and the properties of porcelain

// Italian Majolica | Boris Katz

Practical experience using the Mediterranean technique of Italian Majolica

// Luster | Rani Gilat

In the workshop we will learn and experiment with commercial lusters for electric kilns

// Masterclass – Decals | Lusters and Raku

An introduction to a broad range of decorating and glazing techniques – layering for different temperatures and firings

// Masterclass – Nerikome

This technique uses slabs of different color clays that are layered and then cut to create 2D and 3D objects by hand or on the wheel.

// Masterclass | Spontaneous textures in plaster | Elina Toperman Eitan

The workshop will focus on making random textured surfaces to build sculptural and functional forms

// Surface | Drawing on pots and tiles | Svetlana Faerman

We will practice using different brushes for all types of lines, transparencies and shading.

// Surface Design | Sgrafitto on the roof

This technique used on leather-hard clay with one or more layers of engobe of different colors enables texture and drawing

// Paperclay – fibre clay workshop

We will survey artists using this material, learn the qualities of the paper fiber and how we can utilize this to our benefit. Each participant will prepare a plaster slab and paper pulp

// Smoke Firing – Introduction

One meeting to experience smoke firing. The class will include a lecture of different smoke firing techniques – saggar, raku, naked raku and stack firing.

// Raku and Smoke Firing – Advanced

Participants will slip and glaze work that they bring and then fire them in the raku kiln

// Ceramic design – plaster mould workshop

Learn industrial work process including making a model and building a mould, casting in clay and altering the form