Artist, designer and Eco – Activist / Annelie Grimwade Olofsson / Sunday 30.01.22 at 20:00 (Israel time)


Lecturer: Annelie Grimwade Olofsson ,Denmark

Grimwade Olofsson, born in Sweden, is an artist, designer and activist. She holds a bachelor’s degree in design from the Royal Danish Academy (KADK), her work exhibited throughout Europe, and the United States. Her sculptural objects and work process explore the correlation between industry, society and the environment from a material point of view. She typically works in respons to social and environmental issues, either by interacting with a specific place and often by collecting industrial waste materials and byproducts, which she disassemble, shred, burn and up-cycle to create objects with unconventional aesthetics, textures and colours. Her main goal is to spread knowledge and to raise awareness of the human influence on the environment in the supposed Capitalocene era* and to challenge the thought of the relationship between material value, consumption and the environmental ‘price’ paid for it. During her presentation, Grimwade Olofsson will review a number of projects she has been working on in recent years and talk about how the critical relationship between economy, industry and environment is posing Social and Environmental issues and how it manifests in her work.

 *The current geological age – viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment.

Participation: 40 NIS ($12.50) / 30 NIS for Benyamini students- advance registration required

Package of 7 lectures: 250 NIS (35 NIS per lecture)

Go to payment / For further details: [email protected] or 03-5182257

*There might be changes in the program

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