Frustrated Materials

Arielle Blonder and Shira Shoval in collaboration with Prof. Eran Sharon, Rakach Physics Institute, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Friday 5/10/18 at 11:30 Gallery talk with the artists and Prof. Eran Sharon

The exhibition Frustrated Materials is a cooperative project between Arielle Blonder and Shira Shoval (who have done interesting collaborations in the past) and Professor Eran Sharon of the Rakach Physics Institute, Hebrew University.  The exhibition is research of various approaches to technologically developed materials and illustrates new ways to relate to the material world. The focus of the exhibition is the research of forms based on a mathematical description of “frustrated material” (material that is subjected to constraints and manipulations), through laser cutting sheets of latex.  In the exhibition, the mathematical description enables exact planning and control as well as design thinking, examining control as opposed to lack of control, manual versus technological, process versus product and the development of a material language that has a unique and poetic expression.

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