Curator: Shlomit Bauman

Opening: Thursday 6/9/18, 19:30 / Closing: Saturday 27/10/18, 14:00

Gallery talk: Friday 5/10/18 at 11:30 in the exhibition Frustrated Materials – details below
Gallery talk: Friday 19/10/18, 11:30


Nature | Technology, 3 exhibitions opening simultaneously concerning the relationship between man, nature and technology. The cultural meaning of terms such as “natural” and “technology” is continually changing, and the rate of change is accelerating: digitization of processes, nanotechnology (manipulation of invisible tiny scales of a millionth meter), synthetic biology, singularity (combination of man and computer) etc. are only some the technological changes occurring in the last ten years which have already affected our daily existence. These technologies blur the distinction between man, nature and machine and reality as opposed to virtual.

In the past years, with the expansion of existing technological fields and the development of new ones, there are more and more cooperative projects between teams from different areas of knowledge.  This approach is apparent in two of the exhibitions with cross medial collaboration: Botany, digital media, physics, design and art.

These three exhibitions offer different perspectives of the natural and technological field and asks relevant questions about the language of design and art. The relationship between natural and technological is not dichotomous or binary but rather observes the complex, critical and productive relationship – blurring the boundaries on one hand and searching for a new language on the other hand.


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