My interest in clay and materiality began with paper and graphics, textiles and finally the ceramic material and wheel throwing which become my main tool of expression in my work. I have specialized in wheel throwing and teaching this but have never referred to myself as a potter. For me the wheel is a thought process for creating volumes that I use to create my works, a performative practice that is hypnotizing and magical.   This approach has led me to include video into my work practice, a way of creating an imagined reality which is free of the limitations of material and my ability and so opens a new horizon which is broader, contemporary and layered.

My ceramic works are inspired by nature and botany. I am interested in the structure of plants, their morphology and the way the parts are joined to create textures and structures that are shells and contents. I research contrasts and new connections between natural flowing forms and engineered mathematical formulations that enrich the possibilities of an aesthetic, intriguing experience with a variety of associations. These objects exist in the zone between the familiar and the uncanny, a concept used by Freud (something strange and familiar), where I try to examine the borders between the functional and the sculptural, hybrids from one environment that refer to elements from other areas.


Selected Works

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