I think about forms, glazes and firing every day and almost all day and for me that is wonderful.  Ideas rise and fall – but my hands love making pots on the wheel – cups, teapots, vessels – and the ideas wait for the right moment.  The functional vessels I accompany from the moment they are made until they leave the kiln. I want them to be pleasant to use and that the meal becomes a festive, tasty and enjoyable event.  

I love teaching and learn a lot from it. I guide my students to pay attention to all the processes involved in making – the technical, functional, aesthetic, visual and conceptual. A work without thought is lifeless in my eyes.  

The love the gas kiln that I built with Raya Stern since it allows me to make porcelain glazed in celadon and when I look into the light I see the transparency and the layers of containment – green like the sea.


Selected Works

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