Curators: Shira Keret and itay Laniado
Opening: Thursday 31.8.2017 At 19:30
Closing: 14.10.2017

Digital catalogue

Participants: Reddish – Naama Steinbock and Idan Fridman, Adva Kermer, Ohad Zlotnick, Gal Bulka and Idan Noyberg, Tal Erez, Maya Ben-David, Noga Shimshon and Rona Zinger, Adi Zaffran Weisler, Adi Nissani, Eden Ohana, Ron Yosef and Boaz Mendel

About the exhibition:

There is a clear difference between an object and its image. Simply, the object has volume and the image is flat, the object is one unit and the image can be multiplied, the object is the original and the image is a representation.

With the advance of technology, our visual world has expanded through computer screens, telephones and social media. Through a rectangular flat format we are exposed to an endless abundance of images that inevitably we will never encounter the actual object.

In this exhibition we are interested in examining the duality of objects in reality and their portrayal; what is the difference and what is the relationship between the representation and the original?

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