Exhibition of the Israel Designer Craftsmen’s Association

Curator:  Merav Rahat

Exhibition Opening: Thursday, 26.1.2017 at 19:30

Gallery Discussion: Friday, 10.2.2017 at 11:00

Exhibition Closing: 11.3.2017 at 14:00


Participants in Alphabetical Order: Dalia Barkey, NaamaBenziman,Hana Dahan, Amira Davidovitch, Mali Dori, Edna Fisher,GilatGur-Arie Greenberg,  TairHitron-Parnes, Hila Laiser-Beja, Ami Leibowisz, Shulamit Levin, Noah Levin Harif, Tamar Lev-On, Dannah Levy, Sari ManoleStumpler,Gila MillerLapidot, Sharon Pazner,Hana PinthusRotchild, Riva Rasin, ItamarSagi, Dan and Ruth Shomroni, EyniyaShoob, Miki Ulman, EtiYaffe, Dalia Zerachia;  Mishan Project – Leaders: Judith Handelzalts Navarro, Avi Sevilya,Inbal Timor, Shoshi Waksman; Advisor: NaoraWarshavsky; Participants: Ruth Brig, Judith Garine, BrachaLavie, TovaMigdal, Miriam Pivich, Shoshana Saban, DroraShalev, Aliza Soskin, Masha Wolfstal, Paulina Yungerman

The twenty-five works on display focus on the essence of “home” and the meanings associated with it. The crafters worked in a number of mediums, such as installations, photography and videos, and employed a variety of techniques and materials, including textiles, paper, cement, transparencies, felt, glass, clay, readymade objects and so on.

“Home” is a word that awakens many senses, feelings and associations within all of us. But what is the exact meaning of “home”? Does it signify a physical space, or a mental sensation? Is it a place where we feel protected, providing a feeling of stability and peace of mind? Or perhaps the mere mention of home awakens a feeling of discomfort.  What is it that makes a “house” or a place a”home – its structure, content, specific  objects?  Or is it the people, sounds and smells we associate with the word? What does the idea of “home” represent to each of us and what associations are awakened within us?

The great American folk song “Home Sweet Home” was written in the first half of the 19th century and has endured since then as a song of longing, a kind of anthem expressing a yearning for “home” as a desirable place where people feel secure. Nonetheless, even though the ideal described in the song of caring, calming and smiling people waiting for us, and the repetition of the chorus “there’s no place like home!” leaves us with a pleasant feeling, the idea of “home” has a wide range of connotations, not all of them conjuring up sweet and pleasant thoughts.

In the exhibition “Home Sweet Home?” the participants examine the meaning of “home” and the world of associations that it inspires in each of them, projecting them in their exhibits and installations.  The different perspectives evidenced in their works give rise to personal narratives which are universal in nature and represent the variety of interpretations of this complicated and charged subject.

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