New exhibition at the Benyamini Center

Artists: Ofir Zmudjak, Oren Arbel, Alon Gil, Alina Toperman Eitan, Amnon Amos, Anna Carmi, Boris Katz, Guy Jana, Dori Zanger Shechtel, Ester Beck, Eti Goren, Batia Margalit, Jacaranda Kori, Yael Novak, Leonid Gosin, Michal Adler Shalev, Marcelle Klein, Noa Almagor Ben Dor, Nitsa Bar, Noa Heyne, Ravit Lazer, Ronit Zor, Ronen Yamin, Roy Mayan, Racheli Rothman Garji, Rina Peleg, Rani Gilat, Raya Stern Shira Silverstone, Shlomit Bauman, Shelly Shavit, Shamai Gibsh, Tirza Yalon Kolton

Curator: Ester Beck

Opening: Thursday 23 July 19:30

Gallery Tour: Thursday 30 July 19:00
Closing: Saturday 22 August 14:00

About the exhibition:

The Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center (Beit Benyamini) operates on several levels including theoretical, visual, material and experiential, formulating an in depth discussion on material culture and especially ceramics. The name (translated Benyamini House) was specifically chosen – it is not an institute, academy or laboratory – but a house that raises cultural issues , a home for the media, accessible and inviting to the general public. The wide range of activities at the center is the result of the synergic effort of a team of makers that are experts in various disciplines. This summer, we decided to show our team of artists who make it happen and so expose the work of a group of leading ceramists.

The Benyamini team (about 30 holding various positions) includes young artists who have recently completed their academic studies alongside well established ceramists who have been in the field for many years. Since the participating artists use various methods of clay working,the exhibition covers a diverse display of the ceramic medium. The exhibition IN HOUSE shows new work of the team of teachers and members of the board and covers fields that are historical, conceptual, skilled, local, global, poetic and functional. Even though this is an eclectic collection, it is clear that the works relate to the medium itself as well as other fields including design, craft and plastic arts and emphasize the relevance and variety of the ceramic medium at this point in time.

photographs: Rani Gilat

Gallery hours: Mon – Thurs: 11 – 19 Fri – Sat: 11 -14

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