A decade of First Studio Scholarships at the Benyamini Center

Participating Artists: Cochavit Ben Ezra Goldenberg, Guy Jana, Ayelet Gavrieli, Dima Gurevich, Gal Goren, Yael Grunner, Lena Dubinsky, Roy Yahalomi , Achia Canna, Yulia Tsukerman, Reut Rabuah, Sara Kaminker, Efrat Keren, Naama Rosenfeld, Sara Shuraki

Curator: Shlomit Bauman

Opening: Wednesday 4/3/15 at 19:30

Gallery Talk: Friday 27/3/15 at 11:30

Closing 25/4/15

The First Studio Scholarship is awarded by the Benyamini Center annually to 2 – 3 graduates of an academic art and design program specializing in ceramics. The scholarship includes a studio space within the Benyamini Center providing facilities to continue working in clay for a year. In return the winners of this award assist in running the Benyamini Ceramic Art School and in so doing make contacts with the artists that are active in the field in Israel and abroad. The studio, as well as the activities of the center, facilitate a convenient start in the career of a young artist and are a springboard between the protected environment of the academy and the reality of life as a practicing artist.

This exhibition marks 10 years since the initiation of the program and shows the work of 15 artists (from the 18 recipients in total) that have generally become prominent ceramists making a mark on the medium.

”Exit” examines a decade of work by young makers and questions the complex issue of individual language, traditional making as opposed to industrial, design and art, gender identity, the spatial relationship of the object in the gallery, as well as humor and a critical voice. This eclectic collection of works of the winners enables us to display a broad and young take on contemporary ceramics that is relevant in our daily lives.

Photographs: Shay Ben Efraim

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