Past exhibitions

The Benyamini Center for ceramic art has sponsored exhibitions as part of its belief in promoting ceramic art and showing the best of what is being made in clay. Through exhibitions we educate the public and foster an appreciation of ceramics including the complexity of the medium and the great variety it enables. By creating a platform to show work we encourage artists to pursue their artistic agenda. Exhibitions in museums and galleries expose ceramics as a legitimate part of the art and design world encouraging dialogue between the various media.

// 8 Graduates

8 new graduates of the program will display their final projects, and the 2014 year book catalogue will be launched

// Artist Books ; Self / Nature

An exhibition concluding a workshop on artist books lead by Dana Shamir

// Beside a Jar

Jars, originally made for storage, are vessels that contain culture. Even though they have lost their original use, they have not disappeared from our living space

// Beuys, Beuys ,Beuys

A group exhibition in several galleries about the artist and his influence on Israeli art

// Body of Work

As opposed to the accepted form of installation where each artist has a separate space, in this exhibition the figures of the five artists are installed as one installation creating a dialogue.

// Boy Sleeps in a Jar Clay and Biography

The exhibition will show the works of 8 artists dealing with biographical material using clay or clay artists using biographical material

// Concrete, Bulimia

The exhibition investigates the increased use of basic building materials – cement and concrete – as materials used in sculpture and painting in art in Israel over the last decade.

// Design Underground

The exhibition Design Underground notes dissatisfaction, the start of a resistance and essential questions that concern designers and active makers in the design field.

// Etched in Time

The exhibition focuses on that moment of opening the kiln, the moment of birth and of recurring wonder, excitement and fear simultaneously.


This exhibition marks 10 years since the initiation of the program and shows the work of 15 artists

// Five years – The Benyamini Center located in Kiryat Hamelacha

The immanent connection between the Benyamini Center and Kiryat Hamelacha where it is situated is the main axis for the two exhibitions

// Future Archeology

The "Future Archeology" exhibition affords an opportunity to examine aspects which are frequently opposed: Ancient and New, Rich and Poor, Substance and Idea, Experience and Emotion, Aesthetic and Function


The twenty-five works on display focus on the essence of “home” and the meanings associated with it

// IAC Barcelona 2016 Exhibition

This exhibition examines the reciprocal relationship between the metaphoric and the essential, the research and method as reflected in Israeli ceramic design

// In Conversation with Moshe Shek

The exhibition displays nine works by Moshe Shek from the Idol series


The exhibition IN HOUSE shows contemporary works of the team of teachers and members of the board

// Matter of Fact: Local Ceramic Production Today

“Matter of Fact” examines the value and meaning of local production and design today through the prism of the ceramics industry

// Old Craft, New Craft

The exhibition "Old Craft, New Craft" is the culmination of a concerted effort among craftsmen who have been working in the field for many years

// On the Flip Side

Stamps and signatures of ceramics makers and factories, spanning from the 1920`s until the present.


Postcolonialism aims to offer a visually rich and intellectually sophisticated showcase for original contemporary international ceramics

// Pottery Slam

In Poetry Slam participants are on the stage and speak poetically about their environment making political and social comment.

// QUEST – clay and photography

The Ceramic Artists Association presents 30 clay artists and 30 photographers in an exhibition

// Small-Scale: Past-Present-Future

Bringing two artistic inclinations together: on the one hand, a conceptual artistic statement and on the other, engagement with matter

// Smoke

Ceramic artists using this technique create surfaces that range in color from black, white, grey and brown which are reminiscent of traditional pottery but contemporary in their look

// Space Positions

Shows the work of leading designers and makers in the field of functional ceramics, exploring the reinterpretation of the ceramic object due to its placement in space.

// The Feast

The annual Ceramic Artists Association exhibition focusing on the connection between ceramics and food and the culture of food and eating

// Topsy Turvy – Upside Down World

Many of the 25 artists are showing works that are allegorical, figurative and colorful – symbolic of the theme perhaps

// Udi Even – Potter

The jars, the bowls, the large and small cups were all made to be part of life at home, in the kitchen, the yard, dining table

// Up(to)Date

The exhibition Up(to)Date attempts to capture the zeitgeist, in a culture that is constantly being updated, and point at our potential response to a connected world, the new perceptions, and technologies.