Past exhibitions

The Benyamini Center for ceramic art has sponsored exhibitions as part of its belief in promoting ceramic art and showing the best of what is being made in clay. Through exhibitions we educate the public and foster an appreciation of ceramics including the complexity of the medium and the great variety it enables. By creating a platform to show work we encourage artists to pursue their artistic agenda. Exhibitions in museums and galleries expose ceramics as a legitimate part of the art and design world encouraging dialogue between the various media.

// 2011

2011 exhibitions at the Benyamini Center

// 2012

2012 exhibitions at the Benyamini Center

// 2013

2013 exhibitions at the Benyamini Center

// 2014

2014 exhibitions at the Benyamini Center

// 2015

2015 exhibitions at the Benyamini Center

// 2016

2016 exhibitions at the Benyamini Center


The twenty-five works on display focus on the essence of “home” and the meanings associated with it


On Sunday 15/10/17 at 19:00 the opening of four exhibitions

// Image

In this exhibition we are interested in examining the duality of objects in reality and their portrayal;

// In Sequence

This group exhibition shows material based and mostly three dimensional works where the sequence serves the artists as a form of expression

// Mr Lemon I am a plate

Raya is a multi-disciplinary artist drawing, painting and sculpting, but most of her work was done in ceramics

// Pots

Looking at the pots as a group and not as individuals was done as a purposeful act to project the power and richness of shape and material within the mass

// Pottery Slam

In Poetry Slam participants are on the stage and speak poetically about their environment making political and social comment.

// Topsy Turvy – Upside Down World

Many of the 25 artists are showing works that are allegorical, figurative and colorful – symbolic of the theme perhaps