Wild Clay / Belinda Blignaut / Sunday 29.05.22 at 20:00 (Israel time)


Lecturer: Belinda Blignaut  South Africa

Born in South Africa, Blignautbegan her artistic career as part of a group of young activist artists who dealt with South Africa’s social and political uncertainty and the need for social change. Since then, she has created various series of installations and sculptural objects challenging convention and breaking boundaries.

The human body is at the center of her artwork through which she is investigating issues    concerning change and transformation in materials that will enable her to challenge the rigid norms of life in search of a more fluid world and in a continuous state of flux. For years, the artist has been examining the connections between everyday life and the creative process, modes of communication and behavior of human beings through the use of readily available materials and her own body. Her more recent work takes her interest in materiality as a metaphor for psychological transformation into a series of sculptural clay vessels which represent the material and human body. She mines her own clay and pigments and fires in intense direct heat resulting in rich and complex surfaces which celebrate the unexpected, unforeseeable and imperfect.

Participation: 40 NIS ($12.50) / 30 NIS for Benyamini students- advance registration required

Package of 7 lectures: 250 NIS (35 NIS per lecture)

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*There might be changes in the program

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