Third Meeting: 29/3/19 at 10:30 – About Earth, Time and Locality

Above and Below the Surface – Lecture and demo series 2018-19

House, man and land

“Earth bridges and connects all creatures on earth. From my experience in various projects, I know that when coming into direct physical contact with earth, there is an internal awakening. As if an ancient memory is rekindled with a fresh spirit.” In her lecture, Daphna Yalon, ‘earth artist’, will tell about her ongoing meeting with raw earth, her art works and projects in which she is involved in Israel and abroad.

Lecture: Daphan Yalon, artist, initiator of the center: Earth is for her sons, design, sculpture, earth

Local reflection

Avner Zinger – in his ceramic works documents, observes, reacts to the reality he experiences and touches on issues dealing with the political, social and ecological atmosphere where he lives. The form, technique, material and surface vary according to the statement he chooses to emphasize, and mostly he uses low fire local clay. At present he is dealing with time – the lack of time, the pressure and load as a result.  In the meeting Avner will speak about his life view as it manifests in his work and the issues that concern him in his work processes and will demonstrate how he works as a result.

Demo: Avner Zinger – potter, teacher at the Givat Haviva art center, winner of the Maud Friedland prize 2018, exhibits in Israel and abroad. Lives and works in Pardes Hana.


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