Fourth Meeting: 24/5/19 at 10:30 Art as Identity

Above and Below the Surface – Lecture and demo series 2018-19

Pink Art – Is There Another Sex? The Erotics, Poetics and Politics of Queer Art

Queer art offers a new look, inciteful, arousing and enticing, where art function as an expression of human experience, including its broad erotic and poetic nuances. The problem of defining “queer art” is powerful and essential in maintaining the character as being dramatic, breaking boundaries and contradictions. The expression in art can be daring including nudity and multiplicity, costumes, body and spirit, gender and criticism of hetro-normative identity and the creation of new identities.

Lecture: Dr. Gilad Padva is a lecturer in the M.A. Program in Cultural Studies at the University of Haifa and the Chair of the Division of Art and Visual Culture at Achva  

Heavenly and Earthly porcelain

Udi Charka – in his pottery and art work deals with the unconventional connection of materials moving between control, lack of control and chaos.  In his recent ceramic works he mainly uses porcelain, white shiny noble material with a glorious past, but removes it from its usual connotation. Through scratching, tearing, scribbling – like notes next to the telephone – he unsettles the status of porcelain and brings it down to a mundane, unromantic and even cynical place. In the meeting he will talk about his works, his approach to “doing and seeing art” and his identity as an artist as it is expressed in his works. In the demo he will show his unconventional work methods.

Demo: Udi Charka – artist, art teacher, lives and works in Mazkeret Batya.

Entrance: 50 shekels – advance registration

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