First Meeting: 2/11/18 at 10:30 – Material Memory

Above and Below the Surface – Lecture and demo series 2018-19

Faded but not forgotten

Hagar Cygler – Her work deals with personal memory and history through unique combinations of materials and objects that are personal or anonymous.  A large part of her work is the collection and historical aspect of the actual materials and their examination as part of the cultural memory archive.   In her lecture she will focus on a few projects based on deserted materials which she sorted and reorganized to tell a new story.

Lecture: Hagar Cygler is an artist, graduate of the Photographic Department of Bezalel and holds a master’s degree from the California Institute of the Arts. She lives and works in Tel Aviv

Leave me

Anat Barel – With great sensitivity and knowledge she creates her inner world with clay.  Her works are varied, and she uses a broad range of techniques including building with slabs, casting, sculpting and drawing with liquid clay on bare walls.  She deals with memory and forgetting, building and disintegration. In the meeting she will talk about her work over the years and demonstrate working techniques she has developed with casting slip and slabs.

Demo: Anat Barel is an artist. She teaches at the Israel Museum and Kfar Hayarok school. She exhibits in Israel and abroad and lives and works in Ramat Hasharon.

Second Meeting: 4/1/19 at 10:30 – Material, surface and edges

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