Masterclass and panel of makers participating in the exhibition TERRACOTTA RAVE

Friday 7/12/18 at 10:30

‏A collection of terracotta roof tiles charged with their historical and cultural background, clay bricks- shade- texture creating a space using parametric tools based on time and place, prickly pear cactus leaves from clay connecting cultures and a terracotta Finjan coffee set presenting the possibility of drinking vessels as a means of contemporary local dialogue. All this and more in a morning devoted to a discussion about mud.

The morning will begin with a masterclass presented by Hector Mavridis, a guest artist from Greece who will talk about his recent works.

The second part of the morning will relate to ‘terracotta’ including a performance and panel discussion of the artists participating in the exhibition. Each participant will relate their journey leading to their piece in the exhibition.

Participants: Hector Mavridis, Shlomit Bauman, Luka Or, Yonathan Havazelet, Ofra Amikam, Eden Hevroni, Yoram Blumenkranz.

Photo: Shay Ben Efraim

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