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The annual Benyamini Center symposium
Monday 19/2/2018 from 13:00 – 18:30

Entrance: 50 shekels  Advance registration: 03-5182257 or benyaminiccc@gmail.com

13:00 Welcome

Marcelle Klein – Director of the Benyamini Center
Shira Silverston – Director of special events and content programming

13:30 Opening remarks

Washing Voulkos in the Patio – Ravit Lazer
The lecture will recount the curatorial process of the exhibition “Attraction” , the importance of ceramic collections, collectors and historical research and knowledge.
Ravit Lazer, curator of the exhibition Attraction, director of the Benyamini Ceramic Art School and Diploma program, design lecturer in the department of Industrial design at Shenkar

13:30 – 14:50 Session 1 – Objects

Objects that were left behind – Galit Gaon
Curating as a collector of objects for a limited time – meeting, selecting and parting. Curating requires translating ideas into collection themes – abstract, concrete, narrative, woven into the three dimensional. Short term collection is an endless hoarding of objects where only a few qualify for the exhibition.
Galit Gaon, curator, director of the design curating program, Shenkar Continuing Education program

The object is the message – Oded Ben Yehuda
From Tibor Kelman in the magazine Colors, George Louis in Esquire and other magazine covers in the New York Times magazine – without makeup, costumes or salary – the object (Ready-Made) has become the covergirl and the image to portray an idea and message in the world of newspapers and magazine. The lecture will deal with the close ties between objects and objectification in journalism especially in magazines.
Oded Ben Yehuda is a graphic designer, founder of the studio Graphics and Words, specializing in branding, creative and trend research. Lecturer at Shenkar and the Tel Aviv University in the department of Architecture. For the past decade he writes about design in Maariv, Time out Tel Aviv and since 2011 has a design column in the website XNET, Yediot Ahronot.

Objects in Dictatorships: What lies between documenting, collecting and photographing?
Professor Dana Arieli
Through my interest in collecting as well as my research of dictatorships, I began a photographic documentary journey of objects made under totalitarian regimes.
Prof. Dana Arieli is a researcher and photographer, dean of the design faculty HIT Institute of Technology Holon

Atalia Shachar: “When a drawing meets Rosenthal” – Ziva Koort

Vessels from the prestigious factory Rosenthal taken from the house of the parents of the artist Atalia Shahar are the dominant theme in her works; the functionally exclusive vessel becomes representational set on perspex and fabric.
Ziva Koort is an art and collection researcher, curator and lecturer

14:50 – 15:20 Break
15:20 – 15:40

Talk to me with that – performance/ Uri Levinson and Adaya Godlevsky

We are a couple – Adia and Uri. The betrayal of words lead us to invent an alternative nonverbal language to communicate – we developed an artistic act, with predetermined rules, where objects replace words. The performance will be one conversation of many, where the action and the object are signs and have meanings beyond the word.
Uri Levinson is an artist, performer and engineer
Adaya Godlevsky is a musician and performer

15:40 – 17:00 Session II – Collecting

Between collecting and hoarding? – Dr Gabi Mann
Dr Gabi Mann is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst, Tel Aviv Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis

Designing a collection / Renana Benit
What motivates us to collect various and assorted objects? When does an object become a collector’s item? Is a functional designed object a collector’s item? The lecture will focus on collecting design and the tension that arises from the two fields
Renana Benit is a curator, a graduate of the master’s program of critical writing and curating, Bezalel Academy of art and design.

The Cabinet of Wonder – Idan Friedman

A personal account on the pleasure of questioning and local objects that raise these questions.
Idan Friedman – Product designer  Reddish Studio

Pinterest – what is the story? The collection scene that arouses inspiration – Tamari Slonim Libes 
Pinterest is a visual social medium. I discovered it three years ago and since then that is where I live. A network that changed my life. Pinterest is a source of inspiration for collecting and infinite gathering (conscious and unconscious). Pinterest is a work tool, therapeutic, emotional and addictive. What is the meaning of the workd collections in this medium and what is the added value of virtual collecting today and in the future.
Tamari Slonim Libes is a blogger, specialist, lecturer and guide on Pinterest, leading workshops in Israel and abroad on Vision boards/Mood boards

17:00 – 17:20 Break
17:20 – 18:20 Session Three/ Collections

The Poetry of the Collection – Dr Tal Frenkel Alroy
Collection is a loaded environment. It is the essence of time, material, form, signs, and memories, caught in a net of new meanings. And as such, collection is a language, a poetical environment, as is a poem, a careful selection of words. What is the connection between a collection and a poem? How is collection trapped in poems, and what tools does poetry provide to read and understand collections. The lecture will focus on collections in Hebrew poetry and the poetic language as a tool to understand collections
Dr Tal Frenkel Alroy is a lecturer at Bezalel, Academy of Art and Design

Cabinet of Curiosities – the journey following my cabinet – Liron Elad

Only after my father died did I realize that I was raised in a cabinet of curiosities. A father who was an auto didactic, inquisitive and curious. COllecting was central to his life, my life and following that the cabinet of curiosities that I established based on his collections and life’s work. We will set out on a journey to discover my cabinet. 
Liron Elad – entrepreneur, founder of “Journey of One” and “Cabinet of Curiosities”

Artist Wall: Social Network of Israeli Art/ Dana Gillerman, Hagit Peleg Rotem

“Artist Wall” a column advertised by Dana Gillerman with photographs by Tali Shani from 2006-2009 outlined the local art scene at the beginning of the millennium showing portraits of artists and curators, artworks hung on the walls at home which were mostly accumulated by swapping works between artists. This column showed the connections between the artists of the local art world and exposed the public to the players. These articles are presently being edited by Hagit Peleg Rotem into an art book. The lecturers will present the project as a dialogue, moving between aspects of collecting and creating as a real social network (as opposed to a virtual network).
Dana Gillerman – an artist, journalist, curator, entrepreneur
Hagit Peleg Rotem – a journalist, lecturer and curator

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