Masterclass with Katayoun Amjadi ogether with the artists participating in the Archetype 16 residency

Wednesday 29/8/18 at 18:30

Masterclass with Katayoun Amjadi

‏Katayoun is an American artist born in Iran and belongs to a generation of Iranian women who experienced in their childhood war and political and social revolution under the new regime. Her work expresses a rich cultural heritage juxtaposed with enlightenment and building a new self- identity. She has created links between the past and present, traditional and contemporary, the personal and the collective identity and raises issues concerning complex histories as a source of inspiration and influence on making processes. During her residency, Katayoun will develop her throwing skills as another tool for making. 

Abraham Kritzman and Marlene Steyn have been working loosely as a collective with writer Àngels Miralda since 2014. The group creates on-site outbursts of mythopoesis based on the immediate surroundings of the exhibition space. Working with the opportunities and structure of residency programmes, the group investigates local myth and folklore and its contemporary re-interpretations through the absorption and renewal of images, motifs, archetypes, and tropes. The exhibitions usually consist of encapsulating installations that flood the eye with surreal and slippery references, repeating characters, and Freudian slips through sculpture, painting, drawing, text, and sound.

Their upcoming exhibition Kneading the Torso Makes a Buzz is due to open on 13 September at KAV16 Community Gallery curated by Karni Barzilay. The project is kindly supported by Mifal HaPais, Rabinovich Foundation, ArtPort, and the Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Centre. 

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