Masterclass with Nina Viktoria Naussed

guest resident artist at the Benyamini Center

Sunday 3/9/17 at 19:30
Admission: 30 shekels – advance registration

Free entrance for Benyamini students and members of the CAAI

Nina was granted a scholarship by the – Kunststiftung Sachsen-Anhalt to further her research for her work process.

Talking about her work:

“Mainly my work includes two fields. On the one hand I do art by using the theme of collection in different ways and on the other hand I build small rooms of ceramic material.

Each day I collect one thing I find anywhere during the day. These things I archive in little plastic bags labeled with the date and find spot. Besides that I have another continuous growing collection of finds. These I combine with little self-made artificial ceramic objects. I am working with the principle of mimicry. I try to blur the border between the things I made and the things I found by chance.

The main topics of the collections are memory and the stories of the finds themselves. To hold on the time, feelings and moments and the fascination of the past and archeology.

As well as my collections, the ceramic rooms are telling stories. You can look through little windows into the rooms. There you can find a place that seems to be abandoned. I love the poetry of decay. The nature has conquered back the urban space. At the same time the rooms could tell about human insides, emotional and fragile affairs, destruction and chaos but as well about silence, hope, beauty and security. They speak about a desire for protective walls and a place you cannot easily find.

I like to experiment with the material and the coincidence while the burning process. Above all I like to use material I can find in the surroundings, such as natural clay, stones and little things.

Last year I was asked to create cups for the culture festival Yiddish Summer Weimar. Therefor I used fragments of the text of a Yiddish song printing them on the cups. Inspired by the connection to Yiddish Summer Weimar and a friend in Halle who is researcher for Yiddish culture I would like to search for Yiddish traces in Israel.”

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