Summer Festival in Kiryat Hamelacha- Art=Music=Craft

23 – 25/6/16 

Workshops for adults and children, live music, open studios, video art on the walls of the buildings – Free entranceMaps marking all the activities will be available from the Benyamini Center, Artspace TLV and A la Rampa

Thursday 23/6/16

Galleries open until 22:00 – Video art screenings on the buildings and open studios

Friday 24/6/16 from 10 – 14

Tour of Kiryat Hamelacha | Collaboration between potters and the local artisans. During the morning visitors will be invited to follow a route of pottery wheels located in the various workshops in Kiryat Hamelacha where potters will collaborate with the various artisans. The visitors will have the opportunity to see and hear the history of the workshops. Guided tours every hour from 10 – 13

Saturday 25/6/16 from 11 – 14

Hands on workshop in the Benyamini studio. In the studio we will demonstrate casting clay and the visitors will be invited to cast and press mold objects.
At 11:30 on the roof of the Benyamini Center Roy Fabian will give the history of Kiryat Hamelacha. Following that there will be a guided tour of the exhibition The Society for Craft Rehabilitation in Tel Aviv Jaffa.
At 13:00 a guided tour of the exhibition Molding Objects with the designers and curators Naama Steinbok and Idan FriedamnStudio Reddish

In addition to open galleries and studios it will be possible to visit Kuchinate – The African Refugee Womens Cooperative – have a crochet lesson, drink traditional coffee and buy handmade baskets.
The restaurant A La Rampa will celebrate 4 years with a Second Hand Bazaar on Friday, music, live performances and a party on Saturday at 17:00

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