Rafael Perez – Masterclass

Rafael Perez Masterclass on Sunday 21/2/16 at 14:00 – lecture and demo by the artist

Advance reservation required: 03-6874150
Entrance:100 shekels or 70 shekels for members of the CAAI and Benyamini students

“My work is about surprising myself and the audience, using white porcelain and black earthenware clay, fired at high temperature. The black earthenware expands, thus creating a volcanic landscape. It is not just a natural landscape, because it is directed by me. I have created the cuttings from the beginning, but still the aspect of surprise is always present, because what happens in the kiln is unpredictable.” Rafael Pérez

The distinguishing characteristic of Perez`s work is its apparently matter-of fact use of ceramic materials and methods to dispel rather than reinforce the sense of ceramics as a discipline. Clay is undeniably the central, material component of his work, but it is utilized in such a way as to make problematic the distinction between ceramics and painting, sculpture or even performance. Perez orients his activity within the boundaries of physics and his transgression of the traditional.

Rafael Perez was born in 1957 in Haro, La Rioja, Spain
The visit of Rafael Perez is sponsored by the ceramics gallery 8 in Jaffa and the CAAI

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