Masterclasses with the visiting artists from the annual Tel Hai Pottery symposium and in conjunction with the Israel Ceramic Artists Association

Masterclass with Kathy Butterly

Visiting with the support of AIDA (Association of Israel Decorative Arts)

Sunday 25/12/16 at 16:00

Kathy Butterly is a prize winning artist from the USA and holds a Masters degree from Davis University in California. She lives and works in New York City and has exhibited in countless exhibitions. She is considered an outstanding and innovative artist of her generation.

Butterly describes herself as a painter of 3 dimensional volumes using clay. She blurs the borders between craft and contemporary art to make unique, original, sensuous works that are colorful and imaginative. They begin as wheel thrown objects that are familiar which she manipulates and with delicate nuances extends the boundaries and breaks the rules. Her works are small in size but are powerful in their ability to convey humor and horror, temptation and disgust, succeeding in transforming something familiar to weird and wonderful.

Entrance 70 shekels and 50 shekels for CAAI members and Benyamini Center students

Advanced registration: Tel 03-6874150 or

With the support of Ruth Corman and the Designer Craft Foundation, masterclass with two artists

Wednesday 4/1/17 at 16:30

Jin Eui Kim

Kim is an internationally renowned ceramic artist. Originally from South Korea, he now lives in Cardiff, UK. Whilst at Cardiff School of Art & Design Jin Eui studied the illusory effects of the application of tonal bands to three-dimensional surfaces. He graduated with a MA and PhD in Ceramics

Exploration with tonal effects and spatial illusions by using gradient in tone, width of bands and interval between bands is Jin Eui’s passion that results in works that are both visually and intellectually challenging. In the words of the artist:: “Touching is the only way of revealing”

Ray Silverman

Ray is a potter, born and raised in London. He began studying ceramics at an early age and had the good fortune to specialize with Lucie Rie and Hans Coper. He lived in Israel between the years 1968 – 71 and worked as a senior designer in the Lapid ceramic factory. For many years he was a senior lecturer at Goldsmiths College and specialised in developing glazed with unique texture that simulated natural landscapes. He makes wheel thrown objects with forms inspired by his teachers using glazes from his in depth research over the years.

Entrance 70 shekels and 50 shekels for CAAI members and Benyamini Center students

Advanced registration: Tel 03-6874150 or

Status Report/Residency – exhibition – symposium

Friday 25/11/16 at 10:30

After a month of meeting, learning, creating, discussing and following the opening of the exhibition Postcolonialism? we will hold a symposium to summarize the project. Artists from Israel and abroad participated in the project and they will present their work process and discuss the aspects that were raised for the exhibition. Global as well as cultural – political changes will be part of the discussion, relating to the complex questions that were raised during the month of work and learning.

The morning of lectures will be in English


Wendy Gers – Curator

Ayelet Zohar / Sharbani Das Gupta / Manal Morcos / Rock Wang / Modisa Motsomi /Anthony Stellaccio / Hagar Mittelpunkt / Corwyn Lund

free admission – advance registration

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