Melissa Stern – Visiting artist

Masterclass with our guest resident artist Melissa Stern

Wednesday 19/3/14 at 16:30

Breaking the Rules- Alternative Surfaces for Ceramics

This workshop will focus on new and innovative approaches to the ceramic surface, exploring the use of many new materials in conjunction with clay—paint, pastel, collage, fabric, ink…everything but glaze. Gold leafing will be taught. It will be several hours of material madness!

Advance registration: 03-5182257 or

Entrance: 50 shekels

Melissa is a multi-media artist currently working, teaching and creating in New York. Her work is regularly exhibited in fine art galleries and is found in important collections all over the United States and abroad.

Her various means of expression including drawings and collages enhance themes and ideas reflected in her sculptural pieces which are mostly figurative. The human figure serves as a metaphor to express a broad range of internal conditions and states of mind:

“All of my pieces share a thematic thread. Childlike and goofy my figures live in a dream world, cower in relationships or stand tall in the face of adversity. They are at once dark and funny, expressive of the absurd world around them.”

Internal monologues are translated to visual imagery rich in symbolism and meaning much like a psychological x-ray reflection. ‘The sculptures are made of carved and fired clay… appear to be carved out of stone or wood; the surfaces are rich and varied…a large array of materials is used to create surfaces that are layered and subtle, much like the people they depict…I work like a handyman cobbling together drawings and sculptures from elements found, borrowed, and imagined. ‘

As individuals and as a group – the figures are actually impressions, drawings, collages and images translated into a three-dimensional visual language reflecting the artist’s intimate inner world rich in memories and history – personal, social and political. ‘Through the layers of pigment, the sensuous surfaces, and the melodies of each sculpture’s interior monologues… Melissa creates multi-sensory experiences that give us a chance to reflect on the rich strata of our own lives.’

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