Masterclass with a visiting potter Jose Maria Mariskal

From Catalonia

On Friday 24/10/14 at 12:00
Free admission – Advance registration at or 03-5182257

Jose Maria Mariskal He was born in Spain to a family of potters and from a very young age started working on the wheel. He worked in several potteries in La Bisbal – the heart of pottery in Catalonia in north-east Spain. He describes himself as self taught.

In 2003 he opened his own studio and makes functional as well as decorative works using local terracotta in a typical Mediterranean style. In the last few years he has mastered making very big pots with crystalline glazes and in this work his mastery is most evident.

Video clip from ceramic artist Jose Maria Mariskal lecture at the Benyamini Center

He is an active member of the crystalline glaze forum – contributing generously with his knowledge. In 2013 he convened an international conference on the subject in La Bisbal with leading artists in the field.

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