Alix de Rothschild Crafts Award winners

were announced on April 22nd at the Benyamini Center

  • First place: Rimma Arslano
  • Second place: Shlomit Bauman and Itamar Sagi
  • Third place: Uri Shapira Asnat Koblenz Noam Dover and Michal Cederbaum

Rimma Arslanov – White Cube Her work consists of oriental bricks made of sugar – Mashrabiya creating a kind of room. This very original work that is beautifully crafted refers to the modernist gallery space – the white cube and suggests a transparent, nonobjective, fragile and ephemeral space. The judges selected her work as the winner for first prize for originality, aesthetic and excellent execution and interesting reference to the title of the competition. 

Shlomit Bauman – Untitled These works bring together almost extinct local clay with fashionable, delicate and imported porcelain, and juxtapose their different technological characteristics inherent in ceramic technology. The combination creates cracks and deformations – a visual representation of contrasts, a desire to be connected and similar versus the expression of the differences and distortions. These materials comprise different cultural worlds and raise questions of cultural heritage. 

Itamar Sagi – Shelter An embroidered book that shows contemporary Israeli stitching which is not necessarily elegant but visually rich relating to local cultural issues. Uri Shapira – Untitled In his pseudo-scientific approach, he explores the behaviour of chemicals in a time line. As an artist-alchemist he grows dynamic and aesthetic environments. 

Noam Dover and Michal Cederbaum – Concrete Their cast concrete bowl explores the relationship between mass and fragility – between concrete – an unusual medium for such an object – and the cultural dynamic of this material.

Asnat Koblenz These works from her Shield series and their design give the effect of linked metals that are flexible and structurally sound, with a rhythmical composition different on either side.

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