Second meeting: Many facets to the whole 31.01.20 / 10:30


Breaking back : An introduction to ceramics conservation and restoration

The conservation and restoration of ceramic objects includes many techniques that their main purpose is to maintain the current condition of the object, to mend it if necessary and prevent material disintegration. In the lecture we will hear about restoration processes of ceramics from ancient times until the present.  We will be exposed to different aesthetic approaches in restoring artifacts and discuss events that lead to the institutionalization of modern conservation.  The lecture will be accompanied by examples of work processes on vessels and ceramic objects from different time periods and places in the world: Italian majolica from the 16th century, Chinese porcelain objects from the 18th century, Bezalel tiles from Tel Aviv from the previous century and more.

Maya Delano – Conservator of art and archeological artifacts, specializes in restoration of glazed ceramic artifacts and Porcelain.

The whole and its parts: Elegant complexity

Dikla Moskovitz makes functional vessels, sculptural objects and jewelry.  In her work she deconstructs pots she makes on the wheel and reassembles them to create hybrid objects that are on the border between functional and sculptural, focusing on movement and asymmetry.  In the meeting she will talk about the process of building – deconstructing – reassembling as expressed in her work and will demonstrate the making of a hybrid object which begins on the wheel.

Dikla Moskovitz – Ceramic artist and jeweler, creates and teaches in Tel Aviv


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