First meeting: Engraved in Stone 06.12.19 / 10:30


A Glimpse of Paradise: 100 years of Armenian Ceramics in Jerusalem 

Armenian ceramics of Jerusalem are one of the significant characteristics of the city.  These flamboyant artifacts decorate many public buildings in Jerusalem, the residents decorate their homes inside and outside and the markets are full of these ceramic souvenirs.  Even though their roots are in the Ottoman Empire since the 16th century, they present a Jerusalem school that was born in 1919 and continues to have a varied local influence that is different from the original.  The lecture will present the 100-year story of the Jerusalem school of this unique art and will tell the historical, cultural and artistic secrets of the ceramic art.

Fawzi Ibrahim –Archeologist, Curator of the Rockefeller Museum, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Functional History

Noa Platt makes wheel thrown functional vessels and hand-built wall pieces which she decorates using colorful motives inspired by different cultures and periods.  Her latest works are influenced by the visual history of the city of Jerusalem including the Armenian designs and designs of floor tiles that are typical in houses in Jerusalem from the beginning of the previous century. She will demonstrate her decorating techniques and talk about her connection to the place where she lives and how it influences her work.

Noa Platt – Potter, teacher in the Youth Wing of Israel Museum, lives and works in Jerusalem


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