Fourth Meeting: Behind the seams 22.05.20 / 10:30


The Free Embroiderers – From limited freedom to Uncontroled Expression:

Traditional Palestinian Embroidery and Contemporary Fashion Embroidery.

When looking at the trend of contemporary embroidery one must notice the abstraction and the expression – the freedom and personal statement which was not evident in tradition embroidery.  However, when looking closer at the traditional practice the opposite is true.  Palestinian embroidery is an excellent example that shows the different expression and freedom of the embroiderer.  In the lecture we will examine the changes that have occurred in traditional Palestinian embroidery and compare them to trends in contemporary fashion, especially the return to the pioneering style.  

Alex Fridman – Art and Fashion researcher,  CEO of IFT (Israel Fashion & Textile Association)

The common thread

In her work Eliya Levi Yunger tries to connect between the world of art and design and two traditional crafts.  She combines hard and soft materials – ceramics and textiles – and creates a “meeting object” combining decorative and functional aesthetics while remaining faithful to the materials.  In the meeting she will talk about the combination of such different materials and demonstrate ways of combining them.

Eliya Levi Yunger – ceramic and textile designer, lives and creates in Modiin.


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