Zoom lecture, Sunday, 22/1/23, 20:00


Lecturer: Johannes Nagel, Germany

Johannes Nagel is a German ceramic artist who studied sculpture at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design, Halle.  He makes wild, expressive vases that trace the process of making which is free and intuitive. Nagel developed a unique work method of casting clay in excavated sand molds.  In the meeting he will talk about his working process, his inspiration, and the path he took from a pottery apprentice to a successful and acclaimed artist.

Participation: 40 NIS ($12.50) / 30 NIS for Benyamini students – advance registration required

Package of 6 lectures: 210 NIS (35 NIS per lecture)

Go to payment / For further details: [email protected] or 03-5182257

*There might be changes in the program

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