Demo at the Benyamini Center, Friday, 21/4/23, 10:00

Vessels, Movement and Color

Participants: Marcelle Klein, Gur Inbar

Marcelle Klein, ceramic artist and director of the Benyamini Center.  Klein draws inspiration from the natural environment as well as images from her South African childhood.  She creates wheel thrown minimalist sculptures as well as vessels with clean lines that explore issues of containment, movement, and balance. In the meeting Marcelle will talk about her works, and demonstrate her work method of creating large, closed vessels on the wheel and their refinement into organic forms.

Gur Inbar, is a ceramic artist and graduate of the Ceramic and Glass department, Bezalel Art and Design Academy. In his studio in Kiryat Hamelacha Inbar makes tableware and large pots that are hand painted in bright colors reminiscent of traditional painting methods used in textiles.  Most of his works are wheel thrown porcelain or stoneware. His works are sold to gourmet restaurants around the world (Monte Carlo, Qatar, and more) and shops in Israel and abroad.  In the lecture Inbar will talk about his work processes in his studio that supplies pots to restaurants as well as private clients, about things that inspire him and will demonstrate how he covers the surface of a large pot with colorful brushstrokes that are planned and spontaneous.

Participation: 40 NIS ($12.50) / 30 NIS for Benyamini students – advance registration required

Package of 6 lectures: 210 NIS (35 NIS per lecture)

Go to payment / For further details: or 03-5182257

*There might be changes in the program

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