Zoom lecture, Sunday, 19/3/22, 20:00

Ceramic Decoration – Theory and Application

Lecturer: Viola Emaldi, Italy

Ceramics span everything from the humble pot to the masterpiece vase – but what ties them all together are the skilled manipulation of materials and the intellectual work of decoration. In this talk, Viola Emaldi explores the evolution of ceramic decoration and explains how form and decoration goes together to compose a  creative craft vision: from pottery to contemporary art.

Emaldi has a degree in visual arts from the University of Bologna with a thesis on: The Return of Ceramics in Contemporary Art since the 1990s, and in Scenography from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna with a thesis in Art Criticism.

Participation: 40 NIS ($12.50) / 30 NIS for Benyamini students – advance registration required

Package of 6 lectures: 210 NIS (35 NIS per lecture)

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