Lecture: Marek Cecula

Lecture: Thursday, 22/2/24 at 16:30

We are happy to invite you to a lecture by Marek Cecula (b.1944, Poland) who for several decades has been a leading figure in the international field of ceramic design, in the productive  connection between design and art and the special relationship with porcelain. It is a unique opportunity to hear Cecula who is active as a designer, artist, maker, curator, and educator. His spirit is international and at present he works in Poland and New York after years that he moved between Israel, Brazil, Norway, England, and other countries.
Cecula’s works cross between different worlds that are sometimes in apposition and have drawn world attention to the industrial production of porcelain as a carrier of culture, as a subject for investigation and as an active playing field that is legitimate and poetic.
He is a pioneer and has made a unique contribution creating a world trend amongst designers and artists that began working on the seam between industry and craft – a movement that changed the face of ceramic design in the world. The outcome of this trend was shown in a monumental exhibition THE OBJECT FACTORY (2008 – 2009), curated by Marek Cecula at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto, Canada and at the MAD Museum in New York, USA. 
In the lecture Cecula will talk about his work, about working on the border between industrial production and one-off creations with a personal statement, where porcelain – the Nobel Savage of ceramic materials is at the heart of his making.

  • The lecture is open to the public, free admission with advance registration.

For further details: [email protected] or 03-5182257

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