Performance and Potters / Sunday 20.06.21 at 20:00


Participants: Tal Gilboa Ardon, Roy Maayan and Erez Maayan, Khnum Group

Performance in the field of ceramics in Israel and also around the world is relatively limited and less popular than other disciplines.  In the last few years there has been an upsurge and more ceramic artists are doing performance where clay is a substantial part.  In our closing lecture of the series we will meet several artists, mostly graduates of the Department of Ceramic and Glass Design, Bezalel, who have become active in this field.  These artists will share with us past works, work processes, group dynamics as well as family dynamics and the meaning of using clay in performance. 

Tal Gilboa Ardon – a ceramic artist, graduate of the Ceramic and Glass Design department of Bezalel, with a private studio in Givat Chen.  “A chance meeting in 2001 with the director of the Theater Festival in Acco led me to my first project.  In those years, I was active in street theater and was interested in taking pottery to the street so as not to be locked up in a studio and then show something that was “dead” in a gallery.  I was interested in the theatrics of wheel throwing… and this is how my first clay/performance was born…”Terminal Mud”.

Roy Maayan and Erez Maayan – the Maayan brothers have worked together and apart for years.  Their different projects have been shown at exhibitions and events at museums, galleries and bienalles around the world.  Their works are part of their on-going search for new methods of actions that challenge the limits of the disciplines and the border between life and art.  They are specially interested in cultural and material relations and the direct interations with passers-by in their performances.  Their aim is to bridge the gap between ‘high’ and ‘low’ art and the performative action and the art object.  Roy is a potter, graduate of the Department of Ceramic and Glass design, Bezalel and Erez is in the final stages of his doctorate in the Department of Theater Arts of Tel Aviv University.  Both teach in academies and professional schools and particpate in symposia as well as do masterclasses and lectures. 

 Khnum Group – Noa Almagor Ben Dor, Hila Dror, Ronen Yamin, Amnon Amos – Khnum is the god with the head of a deer, “the great potter” which according to Egyptian mythology created man on the wheel with the fertile mud of the Nile River.  Khnum is the connection between material and spirit, the creator of the physical body and the KA, the spirit.  The members of the group are potters whose aim is to convey their love of clay and pottery to the general public.  Through performance and installation the group examines the connection between the human body and the clay body, examining traditional and contemporary, ancient primal making as opposed to making what is relevant in our lives today.  

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