Yael Novak, maker and designer, I attempt to navigate between independent work in my own studio and public involvement in an effort to establish Israeli ceramic art as part of the international clay community and to contribute to its professional dialogue with the world by initiating global ties and launching international connections.

The wheel is my tool of choice. Forms thrown on the wheel are my point of departure for a creative, practical and whimsical range of thrown and altered tableware and one-off pieces designed for domestic use and enjoyment in the rituals of everyday life as well as vessel- based sculptural objects. Through the adoption of visual cultural icons originating in our everyday utilitarian essentials, I create objects offering commentary on the contemporary culture of mass consumerism and on life in the absence of boundaries

Playfulness in dialogue with sincerity parallels the need for moderation and limitation by means of repurposing and upcycling.  An assortment of recycled/repurposed kitchenware and ready made items are combined with wheel thrown porcelain forms to create objects of humor and whimsy. These assemblages enrich my vocabulary with new options and alternative ways of materializing creative visions and thoughts; the process inspiring and playful, it opens new and endless possibilities for fostering a personal and inventive contemporary aesthetic.


I turned to ceramics after several years in special education.

A chance encounter with an exquisite wood fired ewer led to a career change and a lifetime commitment to clay.

Independent Studio since 1990


1973 Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

            English and Art History, B.A

1976 George Brown College, Toronto, Canada

            Ceramic Art and Design

1978 York University, Toronto, Canada

            Art and Education, M.A  

1989 Ort Hof Hasharon, Shefayim, Israel



 Selected exhibitions and awards:

The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, Waterloo, ON

“Filtering II”


  “Cornucopia of Desire”

             2015 Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics center

         Okashi Museum, Acco

“Classical Orders”

NCECA 2012, Seattle

            2008 Design Gallery, Hankin College, Holon

           Awarded by AIDA – Association of Israel’s Decorative Arts

            “Potters Set a Table”, Beit Kahane Museum, Ramat Gan

            “Plates and Platters”, Hankin College, Design Gallery, Holon

            “Designer Crafts of Israel”, Sternberg Centre, London, U.K

            “Bowls”, Shlush Shloshim Gallery, Tel Aviv

Works in private and corporate collections:  Israel, U.S.A, Canada, U.K. Belgium, France, Japan, Germany, Italy

Participated in several exhibitions, professional workshops, symposia and conferences in Israel and abroad

Member of the Ceramics Artists Association of Israel

NCECA – National Council for the Education of Ceramics

Fusion – The Ontario Clay and Glass Association


Selected Works

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