I entered into the world of ceramics after completing a degree in the sciences and working in the media.

 For me, clay serves as an intermediary between inner and outer reality.

The routine of daily life occupies me and drives my creative instincts. Boundaries and identity, time, routine, the struggles against it, the rituals underpinning it and the desire to disrupt them. It is the imperfect that fascinates me. I am interested in cracks, in severing materials from their usual context and rejoining them in new ones – ambivalent situations.

Repetition characterizes my creative process and most of my works. I am curious about small pieces joining together in a single construct, similar to cells creating tissue. Possibilities of joining together are infinite, each piece and its place in the construct are significant.   



2005 – 2008                   Ceramics program, Tel Hai Art Institute, Tel Hai, Israel

1997 – 2001                   B.Sc in Life Sciences, Tel Aviv University, TLV, Israel


2009                              Red Star Studios, Kansas City,  USA  4- month Ceramic Residency sponsored by LIAEP

Professional Experience

2018                               Clay Sculpter instructor, ‘Moed Beit’ project,  Djanogly Visual Arts Center, Jerusalem

2012 to present               Pottery instructor, Israel Museum, Youth Division

2011 to present               Events Coordinator, Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, a member of the Center’s Board.                                       

2009-to present              Ceramic artist and teacher in my studio

2009 -2016                    Assistant editor of the Israeli ceramics magazine 1280

2009-2016                      Member of the advisory board of Ceramics: Art and Perception

Group Exhibitions

09/2016                       “Ceramic Design From Israel: Techno.Logical Vessels” in conjuction with the

47th Congressof the IAC, Sant Rafael Pavilion, Barcelona, Spain

07/2015                         “InHouse”, Benyamini – Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel Aviv, Israel

03/2011                       “Gangjin – Tel Aviv, Travel Diary,” Nativ Hamazelot Artists Space, Jaffa, Israel.

02/2011                       The 6th Israeli Ceramics Biennale, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel

10/2010                       Ballata – Exhibition based on the 2010 Umm al Fahum Ceramics Symposium, the Umm al Fahum Artists’ Gallery, Umm al Fahum, Israel

08/2010                       Gangjin Ceramic Festival and workshop, Gangjin, South Korea

03/2010                        Women’s Space, Rishon le-Zion, Israel

11/09-02/10                 IX Bienal Internacional De Ceramica De MANISES, Spain

10/2009                       UrbanSuburban, Epsten Gallery, Overland Park, KS,  USA

 01/2009                      Kansas city Artist Coalition Art Auction Exhibition,  KC, USA

Teapots, Red Star Studios side Gallery, KC, MO, USA  

10/2008                          Tel Hai Art Institute Senior Ceramics Exhibition, Studiosalon22, Jaffa, Israel

07/2008                          Tel Hai new campus opening, Tel Hai, Israel


2012                            “Ceramic Design Techno.Logical Implements”, by Shlomit  Bauman, Ceramics: Art and Perception, 2012, Issue 87.

2011                            “Representations of a Singular Space” by Roy Ma’ayan, Ceramics TECHNICAL, 2011, Issue 33, pp. 17-22.

2010                            “500 Judaica: Innovative Contemporary Ritual Art,” Ray Hemachandra & Daniel Belasco, Lark books

2010                            “Representations of a Singular Space,” Roy Ma’ayan, 1280c, Journal of Material Culture, Winter 2010, Issue 22, pp. 34-40.

2008                            “Ceramics through Young Eyes,” Shlomit Bauman, 1280c, Journal of Material Culture, Winter 2008, Issue 18, pp. 12-25


2016                               ” Shamai Gibsh – Drawing in clay / Painting with earth”, Ceramics: Art and Perception, 2016, Issue 103, pp. 3-7

2010                            “Shoemaker – Seamstress – Hairdresser”, 1280c, Journal of Material Culture, Summer 2010, Issue 21, pp. 10-14.

Selected Works

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