I draw inspiration from the natural environment around my studio as well as images from my South African childhood.   These sights and sounds are distilled into minimalist, abstract sculptures and vessels. The symmetry and classical balance of wheel-thrown pieces is deliberately altered, creating sensual shapes with a dynamic center of gravity.  These works explore issues of containment and emptiness by reinterpreting traditional approaches to shape, volume and space.





1981        Tel Aviv University, BA in Speech Therapy

1980-86    Ceramics with private teachers


 2000-present  Founder, trustee, director of the Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center

2009-2010        Midrasha Art College Beit Berl – Advanced wheel throwing

1987-2010        Ceramist, working and teaching in my studio


2012     Maud Friedland Prize for contribution to ceramics   

2007     Artist residency Watershed Ceramic Art Center, Maine, USA from AIDA  

2001     Alix de Rothschild Foundation Prize for Ceramic Sculpture

Selected Exhibitions

2011       Techno.Logical Implements, 6th Ceramics Biennale, Haaretz Museum, Tel Aviv

2011       Periscoptiva, Artists House, Tel Aviv

2009       From the Melting Pot into the Fire, Mint Museum, Gardiner, Belger, WHatcom

2009      The Nursery, Solo exhibition, Periscope Contemporary Design Gallery, Tel Aviv

2009      Gestures in Clay, Solo exhibition,  Geological Museum, Ramat Hasharon

2008       Clay Sensation, 5th Ceramics Biennale, Haaretz Museum, Tel Aviv

2008      Scratching the Surface, Michael Commerford Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2006       Territory and Identity, 4th Ceramics Biennale, Haaretz Museum, Tel Aviv

2006      Sahaf, Beit Kahana Museum, Ramat Gan

2005       Tribute to Palestinian Pottery, Ein Harod Museum of Art

2004      Design Art Design, 3rd Ceramics Biennale, Haaretz Museum, Tel Aviv

2004      Between Black and White, Solo exhibition, Toot, Ramat Hasharon

2003      Innovation & Influences Exhibited with AIDA at SOFA, Chicago

2003       Alix de Rothschild Foundation Prize 2001, Beit Kahana Museum, Ramat Gan

2002       Status: White, Hankin Design Gallery, Holon

2001       Constructive Paradigms, Artists House, Jerusalem

2001      Contours, Solo exhibitionShlush Shloshim Gallery, Tel Aviv


2005    Ceramics: Art and Perception, Issue 61, “Trapping the Void”

Selected Works

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