I am creating dynamic abstract sculptural vessel shapes with concern for Movement, Flow and Texture: I search for the feeling of these abstract pieces transmitting a dynamic moment of creation, as if caught in a moment from here to there. It is an interplay between spontaneous and controlled creation, and for this purpose, I created a personal free-style way of working.



MA Clinical Psychology

Professional Experience:

1986- present: Independent ceramics studio since 1986.

1992- 2012: Member of Gallery Shlush Shloshim

Member of the Israel Ceramics Association,

Member of the International Academy of Ceramics


Honorary Award, Cebico International Ceramics Biennale, Icheon, Korea, 2009.

Solo Shows:

2006: “Erosion”, Ceramics Museum Aharon Kahana, Ramat-Gan, Israel.

2009: “Un-Ruhe”, Gallery Periscope, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

2009: HI TOUCH Gallery, Herzliya Pituach, Israel.

2010: Poggenpohl, Herzliya Pituach, Israel

2014: “Black and Beyond”, Periscope Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

2017: Another Layer- Gallery8 inYaffo, Jaffa.

Group Shows:

1990: “Vessels”, Ceramics Museum Beit-Kahana, Ramat-Gan, Israel.

1998: “The way of Clay”, 50 years of Israeli Ceramics, Ceramics   Museum Aharon Kahana, Ramat-Gan, Israel.

1998: “Israeli and International Ceramics of the 20th Century”, Sotheby’s, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

2000: “Potters set the Table”, Ceramics Museum Aharon Kahana, Ramat-Gan, Israel.

2000: “The first Israel Ceramics Biennale”, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

2002: “The Second Israel Ceramics Biennale”, Eretz-Israel Museum Tel-Aviv, Israel.

2003: “Al-Fakhura”, Art Gallery Um-El-Fakhem, Israel.

2004: “The Third Israel Ceramics Biennale”, Eretz-Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

2005: “Homage to Palestinian Pottery”, Museum Ein-Harod, Ein-Harod, Israel.

2006: “Sachaff-Erosion”, Museum Beit Aharon Kahana, Ramat-Gan, Israel.

2006: “The Fourth Israel Ceramics Biennale”, Museum Eretz Israel, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

2008: “In the Steps of the Philistines”, Museum Ashdod, Ashdod, Israel.         

2008: “The pottery of Chado”, Tea bowls and Teacups from the David Glueck Collection, Yechiel Nahari Museum of Far Eastern Art, Israel.

2008: “The Fifth Israel Ceramics Biennale”, Museum Eretz-Israel, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

2008: Show of International Ceramics, Fuping, China.

2009: Participant in exhibition at 2009 CEBIKO- International Ceramics Biennale Korea. Honourable Mention.

2010:” Half-Half: the project”, Szombathely Museum, Hungary.

2010: “Israeli Design Today”, Holon Municipal Museum, Israel.

2010: “Masters show”, Cudgegong Gallery, Gulgong, Australia.

2010: “27th Gold Coast Ceramics Award Competition”, Gold Coast City Gallery, Australia.

2011: “6th Israel Ceramics Biennale”, Museum Haaretz, Tel-Aviv.

2011: “Whose Earth is it anyway?”, opening exhibition of the Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Centre Gallery.

2012: “Earth Echoes”, Museum Wilfried Israel, Hazorea, Israel.

2012:” UNICUM” 2d Ceramics Triennale 2012, Maribor, Slovenia.

2012: “Ceramika Multiplex”, Varazdin, Croatia.

2012: “Member’s exhibition” of the INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF CERAMICS, IAC, Santa Fe, U.S.A.

2013: “Cluj International Ceramics Biennale”, Cluj-Napoca Museum of Art, Romania.

2013: “Ceramica- International exhibition”, Galateea Gallery, Bucharest, Romania.

2015: Permanent collection of Israeli Contemporary Ceramics at Knesset Israel.

2016: “DESIRE”, Belger Art Center, (part of  NCECA exhibitions), Kansas City.

2016:  The 8th Israel Ceramics Biennale. (Video: “Matter is a Center of Dreaming”, 20min.)

2018: First Indian Ceramics Triennale, Jaipur, Invited guest Artist.

Guest Demonstrator:

“Clay Energy”, Gulgong, Australia, 2010.

Tbilisi Art Academy and Clay Office, Georgia, 2012.

DACORUM Potters Open Day 2018, Saint Albans, England.

Anglain Potters Day Demo, Munford- Suffolk, England, 2018.

Curatorial Work:

1999: “14 Together”, Rishon Letzion Performing Arts Center, Israel.

2004-2006: 6 shows of Painting, Mixed Media, Photography, Ceramics at Bet-Weill Theatre, Kfar-Shmaryahu, Israel.

2012: “SUPERBOWL”, (Isr. Ceramics Association), Opera House Foyer, Tel-Aviv.

2015: “IN-HOUSE”, Staff of the Benyamini Center, Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel-Aviv.

Guest editor of the Nr. 14 issue of  “1280c”, the Israel Ceramics Magazine, on “Collecting-Collections-Collectors”.

Member of the Exhibitions Committee of the Israel Ceramics Association and member of the Executive Committee (past 8 years till 2006).

Member of the steering committee of the new “Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Centre”. Founder and Director of the Benyamini Ceramics Library and the Benyamini Israeli Ceramics Archive.

Author of articles in “Ceramics: Art and Perception” on Israeli ceramics.


-“Pushing from within: new works by Ester Beck”, Ceramics Art and Perception, Nr.71, 2008.

-“Lebensstrudel: Keramik von Ester Beck”, KeramikMagazinEuropa, Nr.6/2009.

-“Ester Beck: Movement in Matter”, Ceramics: Art and Perception, Nr.79/2010.

– “Abstracting the Vessel”, Ceramics Ireland, Nr.26, 2010.

2015: “Black and Beyond”, Ceramics Art and Perception

2015: Interview article in Ceramics Now, Romania.

2015: Interview, Neue Keramik Magazine, Germany.

2017: “Matter is a Center of Dreaming”, Ceramics Art and Perception/Technical, Australia:

Residencies :

-Gallery at Um-El-Fachem, 2003, Jewish and Arab Ceramists working together.

-IWCAT 2007, Tokoname, Japan.

-Watershed, 2009, Maine, USA. (Grant from AIDA.)

-Symposium “Half-Half”, ICCA, Kecskemet, Hungary, 2009.

– AIDASHED 2012, Givat Haviva, Israel.

– 2016: Barcelona ElTorn.


Member of Artaxis.

Executive member of Bet Benyamini, responsible for the Library and the Archive of the History of Israeli Ceramics.

Selected Works

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